Done In 1-Day! Book me for a full work day and I'll complete your end-to-end project before quittin' time

Some of the least enjoyable parts of working with an independent freelancer are the deadlines that are never met, uncertain expenses, and the neverending emails (don't get me started on the emails!)

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And hiring a reputable agency is not much better — you end up paying a premium for a team to provide a result that may not provide you with a return on your investment.

And all of this fuss is about launching a simple website, building a marketing funnel, setting up your online course, or designing a simple brand for your small business.

So you're left with one of a few options:

What if there was a better way for everyone? Where you, the client, receive a quality end-result (and fast), while the service provider gets paid fairly to do their best work in record time?

Well, there is a better way! I call it...

We'll get it done by the end of the day!

Done In 1-Day!

A full-day Digital Marketing Service that's done by quittin' time. You pay for the day, not the tasks and deliverables.

With more than ten years of experience helping small businesses, freelancers and startups with their branding, websites and online marketing needs, I know how to deliver a high quality result in record time.

The following are a few key projects I can deliver to you in a single day, however, if you think your project will need more than one day, or you have some questions before you schedule your "Di1D Intensive" you can book a free 15-minute call and we'll get you clear on everything before you move forward.

# Web Design Intensive

I'll provide a website refresh, redesign or new website build. Your website is your core marketing piece for your brand and must be functional, consistent with your brand and most importantly effective at achieving its intended goal — engagement, leads & sales.

What you can expect

If you'd like to discuss a Web Design Intensive for your personal brand or business, book a free 15-minute call with me here.

# Smart Marketing Funnel Intensive with ConvertKit

I'll provide a done-for-you evergreen marketing funnel for your blog, coaching, freelance, online course or small business with my #1 most recommended email marketing tool, ConvertKit. Your marketing funnel is what converts your target customer from website visitor, to email subscriber, to customer, to raving fan — automatically.

Whether you're a blogger looking to build your readership and monetize your content, a freelancer looking to convert leads to clients, or a small business looking for a modern marketing strategy — you need a smart marketing funnel working for you around the clock.

In addition to building my own email list of 24,000 strong and automating the capture, nurture and sales process, I've taught hundreds of bloggers, freelancers and small businesses how to implement their smart marketing funnels with my free content, online courses and one-to-one consulting.

What you can expect

Most business owners realize the importance of having an automated marketing funnel, but they just have no interest in implementing all of the technology and would rather somebody else take care of it. If you'd like to discuss a ConvertKit Intensive for your business, blog or consultancy, book a free 15-minute call with me here.

# Sales Page Intensive

I'll design and write your sales page for your online course, digital product or service offering. The sales page is both an art and science, and I've designed and written dozens of effective (and profitable, I should add!) sales pages for my own products and services.

If you're an everyday entrepreneur, freelancer or small business owner, you should be spending your time and effort running your business, not trying to hack together a sales page with no context or experience. Let me take care of your sales page so you can start making sales.

What you can expect

If you'd like to discuss a Sales Page Intensive for your personal brand or business, book a free 15-minute call with me here.

# What else can we do?

If you have any questions about what we can do in a Done in 1-Day Intensive, book a free 15-minute call with me here.

# Who is this for?

# How does it work?

Step 1: Schedule Your Intensive

You will secure your Di1D Marketing Intensive 10 - 14 days in advance with a deposit or full payment. It's crucial you choose a day that you will be readily available to answer any of my phone calls, text messages or emails throughout the entire workday. Once you secure your Intensive, you will be emailed a Welcome Packet with everything you need to know about the Intensive, and everything I need from you.

Step 2: Prepare For The Big Day

In the 10 - 14 days leading up to your Intensive, we will send you some homework to complete in order for you and me to be ready for the big day. This homework you provide will allow me to ensure the day goes off without a hitch.

Step 3: The Intensive

On the day of your Intensive, you will make yourself readily available in Basecamp (our project management software) so there's nothing holding me back from getting your work done. Every Marketing Intensive includes:

Step 4: Support

After the Intensive is complete and your project is delivered, I will provide 30-days of support in Basecamp, in the case you have any questions or issues with what I've delivered to you. You'll also have access to my private client community for a full year for extra support, collaboration, weekly live office hours and accountability from my other students and clients.

# How much does it cost?

Our current rate for a full-day intensive is $1,500. We expect to raise this price to $1,750 as our schedule fills up. Book yours today!

# Client Testimonials

Booked an Email Marketing Intensive

The quality of service and attention is world-class. Brad provided exactly what I was looking for in record time and gave me invaluable advice on how to automate and streamline processes for my website and email campaigns. The 30 days of continued support in beyond value.

I am impressed by the time, attention, approachable patience, and instruction given as a client with no technical background. I highly recommend Brightside Studios and the Marketing Funnel Intensive to jumpstart your next business endeavor.

Maggie Fukuda, Founder of Vivid Spirit Yoga

Booked an Email Marketing Intensive

I've spent almost a year fretting over how to implement my email marketing sequences and creating my email course. With Brad's guidance, preparation, and implementation of my ideas, it was finally off the ground (and my plate). I got a better understanding of the workflows and forms, but most importantly now have a way to serve people better. I probably would have kept procrastinating and agonizing over it, trying to get it done myself.

Sometimes, you just need to hire the Pro.

Julie Kanta, Founder of Plumb Creative

Booked an Email Marketing & Website Refresh Intensive

I am ecstatic with the results of my One Day Marketing Funnel intensive! So much so that I hired Brad again to work on the sales page of my website. He truly did a fantastic job with both. The videos he sends after completion of the project explaining exactly why and what he's done are super helpful. Brad works fast, well, and creates beautiful results. So happy to have found him!

Anna Cirronis, M.A., Integral Life Coach®

Booked a Website Refresh Intensive

Having Brad work on my website for a day was an absolute godsend. As I learned, if you are already a designer, designing your own website can prove to be very difficult. Letting go and trusting someone else was also difficult. Brad took my vision and gave me something that looked super professional and polished and he did it fast.

It would have taken me weeks to make decision after decision to get there. How much time away from working in my business would I lose, what would it have cost me? It was actually such a relief to hand over the keys and let someone else drive.

Brad does amazing work and he has a great eye. And the best part... I feel comfortable saying it's my website. I got some help making my vision come to life thanks to Brad.

Amy Renaud, Founder of edTechNoggin

Booked an Online Course Intensive

Brad was awesome to work with! The end product looks amazing and my goal of being able to launch my course by the end of the day was achieved!

Geoffrey Lilienfeld, Founder of The Kay-Grant Group

Booked a Website Refresh Intensive

Brad is the man - easy to work with, knowledgeable, and he delivers. My website was serviceable before, but now it's beautiful (and performs better than ever)!

Max Gaynor, CEO of Chronos Time Tracking

Booked an SEO Audit & Refresh Intensive

Brad was amazing. With four technologically stunted owners, he made things easy for us to understand and we all loved the final product. Brad's ability to effectively communicate SEO stuff has allowed us to continue keeping our page relevance moving forward. We will definitely be booking a workshop intensive with him in the future.

Kaleigh Rey, Lethbridge Therapy Centre

Booked a Teachable Online Course Intensive

The One Day Intensive worked really well for me. If you've got a technical job that needs to be done well and matches Brad's areas of expertise - book a chat with Brad about it today!

Tristan White, Author of Culture Is Everything

# Still have questions?

If you're interested in booking an intensive but would like to have a discussion to see if Di1D will work for you, please book a no-pressure 15-minute discovery call. We'll discuss your project needs, answer any questions, and determine if my Di1D Marketing Intensive is right for you.